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Seize the opportunity to win a GEN3RATOR and a Samsung GEN3 Chip! Among all participants who register for this raffle, we will randomly select 10 lucky winners to receive a GEN3RATOR Set on April 24th.

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Join the TX1 GEN3RATOR Raffle

Samsung web3 TV Bundle

The journey continues: Obtain your Samsung x Ledger Nano X for secure crypto and NFT management. Utilize the exclusive promo code accompanying your Sero or Frame TV in the Samsung web3 TV Bundle* to acquire this Ledger Nano X, featuring a standard model along with special limited-edition packaging. As an added bonus, you’ll also receive one of the limited digital Samsung GEN3RATORs.

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Samsung web3 TV Bundle

How to Purchase the Samsung Web3 TV Bundle

To get the Samsung Web3 TV bundle, visit and select one of the promotional models, such as the 2024 The Frame TV (50 inches and above) or the 2023 The Sero. Once you add one of these models to your cart, the Web3 bundle will automatically appear in your cart, ready for checkout.

Step 1:
Choose the size of your The Frame TV or The Sero screen and add it to your cart. Ensure you’re selecting the eligible 2024 The Frame TV (50 inches and above) or the 2023 The Sero model.

Step 3:
After adding the TV to your cart, the bundle should automatically appear if your chosen model is eligible. Double-check that the bundle is included before completing your purchase.

Discover the visionary world of digital artist Paul Milinski – where art transcends boundaries to create transformative experiences

Paul Milinski

Paul Milinski, the visionary behind Milinski Studio, breaks art barriers with digital and physical experiences. Renowned for 3D rendering and collaborations with Cartier, Louis Vuitton, and others, he reshapes spaces worldwide. Paul’s work blends technical mastery, emotion, and intellect, bridging art and luxury. With each project, he transforms the mundane into the extraordinary, redefining creativity and luxury landscapes.

Enhance Your Journey with the Samsung GEN3 Ecosystem

Prepare to experience the Samsung GEN3 Ecosystem like never before with our collectibles unlocking a realm of possibilities by subtly blending the art of collecting with exclusive benefits. This is just a small glimpse into how the Samsung GEN3 Ecosystem will evolve in the future - stay tuned.

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Enhance Your Journey with the Samsung GEN3 Ecosystem

Frequently Asked Questions

TX1 Genesis Edition FAQs

You can obtain minting codes for the TX1 token by participating in special promotion actions from Samsung or selected partners. Keep an eye out for official announcements and promotions to snag such a code. The best place to look is on Samsung's social media channels or with our partner collections.

 Yes, the TX1GE token will be sent to you for free via an airdrop when you redeem a valid voucher code. There are no costs associated with minting itself, but you should be aware of potential network fees that may apply depending on the blockchain used.

The depicted elements (GEN3ERATOR, GEN3Chip, NFT artworks) in this NFT project are not real products. They are purely digital assets and exist solely within the context of various Samsung Web3 projects and can only be used in Web3 projects by Samsung and its associated partners.

 Yes, the TX1GE token can be traded on supported NFT marketplaces. Please familiarize yourself with the terms and supported platforms to ensure that you conduct transactions safely and in compliance with applicable laws.

To mint a TX1GE token, you need a valid voucher code that entitles you to participate in the airdrop. Additionally, you'll need a compatible wallet to receive and store your TX1GE token.


The artwork for the TX1GE token was created by the renowned digital artist Paul Milinski. His works are known for their detailed and immersive depiction of virtual landscapes and objects.


To securely store your TX1GE token, you should use a trusted and secure wallet. Remember to regularly back up your wallet and never share your private keys or seed phrases. If you are using our wallet via social login, we recommend securing the private key and importing it into a software wallet.

 Paul Milinski is a digital artist based in Australia, known for his stunning, often nature-inspired virtual worlds. His work spans a wide range of media and techniques, including 3D rendering and virtual reality, and has garnered significant recognition in the art scene.

Yes, there are three different artworks of the TX1 token, which exist in different rarities. This means that some designs are rarer and potentially more desirable than others. The rarity of your token may bring additional benefits or value appreciation.

There is no limit to the number of TX1GE tokens a wallet can mint; however, the voucher code is only issued through limited promotions, so additional tokens can only be acquired on the secondary market.

As an owner of a TX1GE token, you can enjoy various benefits, such as exclusive access to digital events, special promotions, or Samsung products. The specific benefits will be announced during the airdrop or through official communication channels.