Samsung NFT Gallery - TV App

Features that bring your NFTs to Life

Discover a new way to enjoy your digital art collection with our Samsung NFT Gallery - TV app, designed to bring your NFTs into the heart of your home. This app offers a seamless bridge between your blockchain wallet and your TV, transforming it into a live gallery that not only showcases your NFTs but also breathes new life into them. Here’s why we see our app as a game-changer in the digital art space.

Your personal Gallery

- Showcase of your favorite NFTs in a personalized way
- Easy management of your interactive NFT Slideshow
- Seamless wallet connection for easy access to your NFTs.
- Discover our Partner Highlight Collections

With these features, our NFT Gallery - App is not just about viewing art; it’s about experiencing it in a new way, making every moment at home a remarkable experience

Your personal Gallery

Samsung web3 TV Bundle

The journey continues: Obtain your Samsung x Ledger Nano X for secure crypto and NFT management. Utilize the exclusive promo code accompanying your Sero or Frame TV in the Samsung web3 TV Bundle* to acquire this Ledger Nano X, featuring a standard model along with special limited-edition packaging. As an added bonus, you’ll also receive one of the limited digital Samsung GEN3RATORs.

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Samsung web3 TV Bundle

How to Purchase the Samsung Web3 TV Bundle

To get the Samsung Web3 TV bundle, visit and select one of the promotional models, such as the 2024 The Frame TV (50 inches and above) or the 2023 The Sero. Once you add one of these models to your cart, the Web3 bundle will automatically appear in your cart, ready for checkout.

Step 1:
Choose the size of your The Frame TV or The Sero screen and add it to your cart. Ensure you’re selecting the eligible 2024 The Frame TV (50 inches and above) or the 2023 The Sero model.

Step 3:
After adding the TV to your cart, the bundle should automatically appear if your chosen model is eligible. Double-check that the bundle is included before completing your purchase.

Samsung NFT Gallery TV App FAQ

We prioritize your privacy and the security of your assets. Our app never asks for your private keys or full access to your wallet. It operates using public blockchain information to display your NFTs. Additionally, all data communication is encrypted, and we adhere to strict privacy guidelines to protect your information.


We do not have any control over your assets at any time.

Yes, our app allows you to create custom displays and galleries of your NFTs. You can select multiple NFTs from your wallet to showcase on your Samsung TV, in a rotating slideshow.

If the QR code does not function correctly or your device cannot scan the code, please first check if your smartphone's camera is working properly and if there is sufficient light to scan the QR code. If the problem persists, restart the TV app to generate a new QR code, or contact our customer service for further assistance.

Currently, our app supports NFTs minted on the Ethereum (ETH) and Polygon blockchains. We are actively working to include more blockchains in the future, aiming to broaden the range of NFTs you can display and interact with through our app.

  • Loading Times: Users may experience longer loading times for displaying NFTs with large file sizes or high-resolution assets.
  • Large Wallets: Accounts with a significant number of assets might encounter slower performance or delays in loading all assets.
  • Internet Connection Issues: The app's performance is heavily dependent on the quality of your internet connection. Weak or unstable connections can lead to loading issues or interrupted service.

  1. A QR code is displayed on the TV: Start the app on your Samsung TV. A QR code will be displayed on the screen. This code allows you to securely connect your wallet to the TV app.
  2. Then, a website opens on your phone: Scan the QR code with your smartphone's camera. After scanning, a webpage will automatically open in your default web browser, where you can select your wallet.
  3. If the wallet does not open, please open the page again directly via the wallet browser: If your wallet does not automatically open after selection, try opening the webpage directly in your wallet's browser. This can often solve connection problems and ensure a secure login.

Yes, this app is specifically designed for use on Samsung Smart TVs. It leverages the unique features and capabilities of Samsung TVs to deliver the best user experience. Please ensure your Samsung TV is compatible with our app's requirements, listed on our website or app description.

If you face any issues or discover a bug, please reach out to our support team through the app or our website. We are committed to providing a smooth experience and will work diligently to resolve any problems. Feedback and bug reports are invaluable to us for continuous improvement.

Please include your TV Model and your Public Wallet address.

Our app is specifically designed for Samsung TVs running on the Tizen platform. We particularly recommend using Frame TV and Sero devices that are models from the year 2021 or newer. These devices offer the best compatibility and user experience with our application.

There are several reasons why certain NFTs may not be displayed:

  • Asset Not Available: The NFT or its metadata might be temporarily inaccessible due to server issues or changes on the blockchain.
  • Incompatible Asset: Some assets cannot be displayed due to their format or size exceeding our app's current capabilities.
  • Filtered Content: We actively filter out and do not display assets that are broken, potentially scammy, or violate our content policies to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all users.