Holder Benefits


Exclusive Member Benefits

The program with exclusive sweepstakes and benefits for members only in the Samsung GEN3 ecosystem.

With a mix of regular small perks and major activations. From everyday goodies to big events, these benefits are designed to reward you as part of Samsung GEN3. Check back regularly – there’s always something new to discover.

Samsung Generator Overview

Community Benefits FAQs

Deals are special offers or discounts available only to members of the Samsung Ecosystem. They can involve purchasing products or services at preferred terms.

There are a variety of benefits available, including exclusive access to events, special discounts, personalized offers, raffles, and deals. The specific benefits vary depending on tier membership or possession of certain tokens.

We are updating them - make sure to check the benefits page from time to time.

You can't unlock all benefits unless you have all the necessary tokens, haven't already used them to unlock another benefit, and meet any additional requirements.

Raffles are drawings in which members of the Samsung Ecosystem have the chance to win exclusive prizes or experiences. Participation in a raffle often requires holding specific tokens or belonging to a certain tier. Possible wins can include digital collectibles, products from Samsung or partners, IRL event tickets, and much more. 

Benefits can be unlocked as long as you hold the respective tokens or are a member of the required tier. If there is a time limit, it will be specified during the unlocking process.

To unlock raffles or deals, you need to click the respective button and then select the token you wish to unlock the offer with. The choice of token depends on the specific conditions of the benefit.

Make sure your wallet is connected and that you actually possess all the required tokens. If you receive an error message, you should contact support.

If multiple tokens are available for selection, you can choose which one to use. However, pay attention to the conditions above the unlock screen, as a token may only be used once. In this case, it might be wise to strategically decide which tokens to use.

It depends on the benefit. Usually, a benefit can only be unlocked once, and subsequent unlocks will show the same information (e.g., the same voucher code). Typically, unlocking is token-based, meaning each token generates its own unique voucher code.