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Samsung x Ledger Partnership 

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The Samsung MX1 ART COLLECTION NFTs - 3 artists 9, unique Artpieces

Antoni Tudisco - 3D Fashion & Motion Design


Antoni Tudisco

Creative director & 3D visual artist Antoni Tudisco was born & raised in Hamburg, Germany where he grew up studying media management and web design & development programming. Worked with top-tier brands Nike, Adidas, Versace, Google, Mercedes Benz, D&G. Having been featured in Vogue, Hypebeast and winning several notable design awards.

Bruno Urli - The art of NFT Photography


Bruno Urli

Bruno Urli (2004) is an eighteen-year-old contemporary digital artist who is best known for his dreamy digital art. He was born in Germany and despite his very young age, has already carved out his own space in the crypto art scene.. Over the last years, Bruno Urli has had several art exhibitions of his work in galleries around the world, including in New York, Tel-Aviv and Paris.

Charlotte Taylor - The art of real-estate


Charlotte Taylor

Studio Charlotte Taylor creates interiors and spaces that blend the sculptural with the practical; the futuristic with comfort. Exploring the boundaries between digital and the physical, the studio utilises ultra-realistic visual renders to reimagine real-world interiors. Pushing conventional rules and reimagining the tangible, the result is a unique signature vision, process and style.

Anthony Authié

Anthony Authié is 30 years old, and for a few years now, ordinary mortals have known him under the name of Zyva Studio, his studio… of architecture, let’s say. With 3D, Anthony creates a character and uses the codes of influence 3.0.

Two brands one vision

Samsung x Ledger

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Samsung opens the gates to Web3. Be the first to join the Samsung community and embark on a journey to a new world. First step to provide a Web3 Starter Bundle with Ledger on the Amazon marketplace. In addition to an onboarding experience by Ledger, the exclusive bundle also includes various NFTs designed by international and German artists from the NFT scene with an exciting minting experience over two phases.

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Frequently Asked Questions

MX1 Roadmap

Claim window wave 1 Germany 03. Feb - 17. Feb 2023 10:59 PM CET
All participants will receive the following information via email:
01. Feb 2023 7 PM CET: Unpacked / pre-order start of the web3 bundle special offer including a 100 € Samsung voucher. 03. Feb 2023 during the day: minting code email for your Samsung MX1 GENESIS EDITION Free Mint on this minting page

Use your code in the Amazon email to claim your free Samsung NFT after you have connected your wallet. If you don't have a wallet don’t worry. It’s pretty easy to setup one. .

In our sense, snapshot is the verification by means of a snapshot whether a user has a certain token in a certain crypto wallet. This can be used to determine who is eligible to participate in a raffle, for example. Snapshot is also used in a general sense as a voting tool for decentralized organizations, such as DAOS [Decentralized Autonomous Organization].

After you have minted your MX1GE from phase 1 in the pre-registration phase from 03.02.2023 until 13.02.2023 on you will be automatically* registered the Samsung x Ledger MX1GE Snapshot for MX1GE holders. The snapshot for participation in the Raffle will be taken on 14/02/2023 at 11 PM CET.. You can still participate now, even if you don't own an MX1GE NFT now! All you need to do is have one MX1GE NFT in your wallet at the time of the snapshot. More MX1GE NFTs in your wallet will increase your chances of winning.

After you have pre-ordered a Samsung Galaxy S23 on Amazon, you will receive your personal code to be able to mint one of the MX1AC for free on in a separate email. This email will be send after your order has been shipped.

The depicted elements (GEN3ERATOR, GEN3Chip, NFT artworks) in this NFT project are not real products. They are purely digital assets and exist solely within the context of various Samsung Web3 projects and can only be used in Web3 projects by Samsung and its associated partners.

Be one of the first to get your hands on the limited web3 starter bundle and take advantage of your exclusive pre-order benefits on Amazon and start your personal journey into the web3. It will also be possible to pre-order the Samsung Galaxy product only. Shipping starts 17 Feb 2023.

The MX1GE NFT is the first Samsung NFT and also represents the Samsung Community Token, which will give owners access to specials, sweepstakes and utilities in the future.

The entry to the allowlist for the free MX1GE is now closed. You can now either buy your MX1GE NFT through OpenSea or get a code through our partner Ledger. All Ledger Genesis Market Pass [] owners have the possibility to get a free code in phase 2 directly through our partner Ledger in a time limited window. The time period is yet to be announced. More codes will be issued through our artists and various NFT partner projects.

Join our per-registration [allowlist] for the limited Samsung x Ledger web3 starter bundle without obligation. After logging in on Amazon just click the button “Jetzt registrieren” and secure the free mint of the Samsung MX1 GENESIS EDITION NFT with future utility. Once registered you will receive an confirmation mail You will also be on the allowlist to buy a web3 starter bundle coming with the new Samsung Galaxy Product, the Ledger Nano X and access to the Samsung Quest onboarding experience by Ledger. In addition you’ll receive a 100 € Samsung voucher if you will pre-order the bundle or the Samsung Galaxy product from Feb 01. Buy your MX1GE on OpenSea now.