Embark on Samsung’s Web3 Universe by getting your hands on one of our exclusive digital GEN3RATORs. Together with Web3 Ecosystem Partners we’ve created a unique mechanism to unlock further rewards and benefits. Minting starts May 2024.

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Discover the GEN3RATORs from Samsung and partner collections.

Together with partner collections, Samsung connects the ecosystem in Web3, acting as an enabler and connector. These long-term partnerships open up new digital possibilities.

Samsung Generator Logic

Illuvium GEN3RATOR

Edition of 2,000

Meet Illuvium Labs, a Web3 game studio that creates cutting-edge interoperable games. Their commitment to pushing the boundaries of the games industry makes them an exceptional partner, offering enticing prizes including a total of 2000 Samsung x Illuvium design skin packs. Each pack contains skins of a Ranger suit, Bach drone, Mozart drone, Chopin drone and Hilde drone.


Edition of 50

Introducing Ledger, the top digital asset security authority, which celebrates its tenth anniversary in 2024 and secures 20% of global crypto assets with 6 million devices worldwide. We are happy to announce they offer 50 custom Ledger Nano X Devices as prizes.

Wilder Worlds GEN3RATOR

Edition of 20

Dive into the Wilder World metaverse, where reality blurs with cutting-edge tech. With its focus on photorealism, blockchain, and AI, Wilder World offers an unparalleled immersive experience. Plus, win exclusive NFT prizes - 5 GENs, 7 Motos, 3 Wapes, 4 Wheels or 1 Wolf!

World of Women GEN3RATOR

Edition of 75

Discover World of Women (WoW), championed by renowned artist Yam Karkai, promoting female representation in the digital era. Partnering with Samsung, WoW brings diverse art to homes worldwide. Win exclusive NFTs: 5 Wow, 20 WoWG, 50 WoW Artfest!


Edition of 93

Samsung celebrates the GEN3RATOR launch with a great set of high class hardware devices and gadgets, accompanied with exclusive digital Art from Belvedere Museum Wien. Win either one of 75 Belvedere The Kiss NFTs or one of 5 Samsung S23 Ultra, 5 Samsung S24 Ultra, 3 Samsung web3 TV Bundles or 5 Ledger Nano X MX1 Edition.

How you can claim your GEN3RATOR and Samsung GEN3 Chip

To gain access to the GEN3RATOR and the required Samsung GEN3 Chip, there are three main paths available to you:

1.) Purchase of the Samsung web3 TV Bundle: By acquiring the Samsung web3 TV Bundle, you automatically receive both the GEN3RATOR and the GEN3 Chip as NFTs necessary for activation.
2.) Holder Benefits: As a committed member of the Samsung community, participating in future activities and through your engagement, you have opportunities to obtain the GEN3RATOR and Chip.
3.) Partner Promotions: Keep an eye out for special promotions from our partner collections that offer you a chance to win a GEN3RATOR or Chip.

You must combine both NFTs to activate your digital GEN3RATOR, which in turn grants you access to exclusive NFTs and other benefits. Always keep your GEN3RATOR and Chip in your wallet to utilize all future benefits.

How you can claim your GEN3RATOR and Samsung GEN3 Chip

Frequently Asked Questions


You can receive a GEN3RATOR by purchasing a TV bundle, for example, or by participating in partner promotions. The Gen3rator is your key to exclusive draws and experiences within the Samsung Web3 ecosystem.

Yes, once the GEN3RATOR and Samsung GEN3 Chip NFT are combined, they cannot be sold or traded. There is a cooldown period between combining and separating the Samsung GEN3 Chip and GEN3RATOR before they can be used again.

To participate in the GEN3RATOR draw, you need a GEN3RATOR and a Samsung GEN3 Chip NFT. These must be combined. Sometimes special combinations are needed, as there are also partner GEN3RATOR. As long as they are combined, they cannot be sold or traded.

The depicted elements (GEN3ERATOR, GEN3Chip, NFT artworks) in this NFT project are not real products. They are purely digital assets and exist solely within the context of various Samsung Web3 projects and can only be used in Web3 projects by Samsung and its associated partners.

The GEN3RATOR is a unique opportunity to dive deeper into the Samsung Web3 ecosystem. With the GEN3RATOR, you get the chance to receive a partner NFT from Samsung. This tool is part of Samsung's commitment to offering users exclusive experiences and access to digital collectibles.

The premiere of the first GEN3RATOR drawing will take place in June 2024. This drawing is a highlight of our roadmap, offering you, the chance to win numerous digital collectibles of our ecosystem partners.